Do you know a hairstylist in Chicago that does an awesome finger-wave?
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Recommendations for wedding hair are needed!

I'd love to wear my hair in a finger wave for my November wedding. My girl has tried (twice) to do a mock-up, but both times it just sort of came out as a mess of curls with a slight wave on one side. It was cute, but not what I had in mind.

Does anyone know a stylist in Chicago that is experienced/comfortable with doing a traditional finger wave? I live in the Logan Square area but am definitely willing to venture out a bit.

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I have no idea if she's experienced with finger waves, but Jenna at Penny Lane specializes in curly hair and wedding hair.
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I also cannot speak to their experience with finger waves, but I recently had THE BEST experience at Penny Lane. Like, I didn't ever conceive that a hair styling experience could be so wonderful. A large portion of their business is styling wigs for theatrical productions, so I have to imagine that they have some related experience. And if they don't, everyone was super super nice and I bet they'd be willing to help you find someone!
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I actually just registered as a user here ( years) because I have a great recommendation for you!

You absolutely 100% want Antje Kastner for this. She has an entire section of her website devoted to bridal styles, including finger waves. She is amazing.

Trust me on this. Antje is who you want.
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