Venmo trouble
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I have a bit of a situation after trying to pay a friend for a plane ticket using Venmo, and overdrafting my account.

Just after sending, realized I didn't have enough money on that account to cover it, but I couldn't see a way of canceling. I was worried about making her overdraft, so I used my PayPal (which is tied to a different account) to send her the money instead.

My friend received both payments. I could see the venmo transaction in my checking account's pending transaction, and I had a negative available balance. I checked the Venmo help, and it said the only way to undo a transaction is to charge the person that amount back, so I did that, and she paid me back.

However, I got the following message from Venmo:

"The following payment could not be funded by your Commerce account ending in xxxx.
$[amount] to [friend] on Aug 18
Reason from your bank: "Insufficient funds in account."
Don't worry, we covered you and [name] has the funds.
However, you now owe Venmo $[amount]. Your account has been frozen (you cannot send payments or transfer to your bank) until you settle this debt."

I'm confused about how to settle it, since my friend already received the money (via my other PayPal account). If I pay that amount to Venmo, then I've paid twice as much. Is there any way of resolving this without losing money?
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Didn't your friend receive two payments? If she PayPals you back one, you use it to pay the Venmo debt, voila?
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If you're saying that your friend's money is tied up in Venmo (because she tried to pay you back, but they froze your account) then your friend should check that the money was really deducted from her balance, and you should get in touch with Venmo customer service. Worst case scenario, friend PayPals you back both payments (so one more), you pay Venmo, receive her money, and pay her back double. (Or something.)
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Response by poster: Okay, I actually see that Venmo returned the original payment that overdrafted. I've received the extra payment back from my friend, so I can pay back Venmo and I'll be square.
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