Help me find my hat!
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I lost my Wallaroo Sonoma hat. It was the best sun hat I ever had, but it's been discontinued and I can't find one for sale anywhere! Please help me find another one in a similar color (or, failing that, the same kind of hat).

Things I liked about this hat: neutral, everyday color (I DON'T want one in pink or seafoam green! Black, grey, and earth tones are more my style). Effective women's sun hat in a non-super-feminine, non-cowboy, non-fishing-trip-or-tacticool look -- I really loved the shape of this hat! Crumpleable/packable, washable, didn't pick up tons of dust or lint, adjustable via drawstring. Can you help me find another one?

What I really want is another Wallaroo Sonoma, if you can find one in the colors above, but a replacement is fine if you can find something similar enough. I tried this Scala hat, but the shape & quality just aren't like my old one ;___; Budget: ~$50 max, would prefer to pay $25 or less.
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I'm no expert on womens hats but 'round here Tilley is a go to place for outdoor and travel wear. See if something like this is what you want.
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Yep. Nthing Tilley.
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Tilley hats were issued to the Canadian Forces during the first Gulf War.
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Have you tried contacting Wallaroo to see if either they've got some deadstock or can recommend the next-best thing from their line? There are a few I see that look like they might meet your needs.
Also, try setting up an Ebay alert for the Sonoma in case one comes available there. There have been a couple in recent months -- it may even be worth contacting the sellers to see if they actually sold or if they just took the listings down.
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This $20 Slogger hat isn't too technical looking, also comes in gray and lighter brown.
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One of their other packable hats? The Aqua is similar color. Maybe Cascade or Capetown?
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I think the Wallaroo Sonoma in brown and ivory is still available at this boutique's website.... good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice so far! The Tilley is cool, but expensive and only seems to come in Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego Red, and the others aren't quite right (Aqua is too foam/fake looking, Cascade too belt-y, Capetown too country club).

lock sock, I ordered one from that boutique and they messaged me back to say they're out of stock! :(
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I was worried that may happen. Dang!
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