How can I find the total number of tweets for a hashtag?
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I'm trying to find out how many tweets a particular hashtag has had over the last 90 days. I've been clicking through various Twitter analytics sites and not finding the data I need- either they only show the last 30 days, or they show the tweets but don't give me a total #. Anyone know a tool that can definitely answer this question? Thanks!
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It's going to be tough to get this without paying (mostly based on the fact that you want to look back 90 days, which is more expensive than tracking something on an ongoing basis in real time). I work for a social media analytics company and this is a common customer request that we have pricing for, though we only offer historical analytics to customers in a long-term contract.

Do you have any budget for this? Also, what is the hashtag you're curious about? If you post it here, maybe someone who sees this will have some insight into it.
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You can do it going forward using the Twitter Steaming API filtering with the firehouse, and some programming ability.
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