My 15 minutes soon to be lost!
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I was interviewed by two television stations who later broadcast part of the interview. Both sent me a link to the story. The (formally) easy problem I have is to download the linked broadcast to my computer and eventually to a DVD archive.

Sometime in the near future I'm sure the links will be taken down. The issue is I cannot figure out how to pull the interviews down. The linked broadcasts have no way to email or download. I'm on a Windows 8.1. I won't be embarrassed at asking the question regardless of its obvious or simple solution. Thank You.
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Can you ask them to send you the video file? That seems easier to me than figuring out how to download a streaming video.
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Try Download Flash And Video or Savedeo.
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Contact them and ask for a DVD copy.
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You can use screen capture software to record it. It's like taking a picture of a picture-- obviously not ideal but will do the job. Sorry no recommendations as I don't use Windows.
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While it can be a bit confusing at first, to figure out exactly what element you want to download, JDownloader Is very good at this.
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DownThemAll is a Firefox extension that will let you do this. If you only want part of the video, you still have to download the whole thing and then edit it with VLC or something.
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Actually DTA is only for pictures and links. Video DownloadHelper is for videos.
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