Suggestions for NYC trip with teenager
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Need your suggestions for a Sept trip to NYC that will appeal to a teenager generally and also to her certain specific interests

My wife is heading to NYC for 5 days in early September with our 14 year old niece. She is enrolled in a performing arts school and is very interested in musical theatre. She also enjoys comedy (Parks and Recreation, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and candy (has been to the M & M Store and Dylan's Candy Bar). They have a couple of shows booked (Something Rotten and Avenue Q). Do you have other suggestions to make this a great trip for our niece? Ideas like backstage tours of theatres or walking/biking tours that would appeal to her age/interests?
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If you can't get tickets to Hamilton, definitely at least check out the #Ham4Ham lottery. They do a small performance every day before the lottery. Fun Home also has a lottery and is, IMHO, the best thing running on Broadway by far.
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The NBC Store near Rockefeller Center has a bunch of Parks and Rec swag that might make for good souvenirs.
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Definitely take in a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Co-founded by Amy Poehler! Many many comedy stars she knows came out of that program and the shows are generally quite funny. For many folks these days improv the ground floor for a successful career in comedy. She'll dig it!
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I chaperoned a large group (~90) of high school aged orchestra kids to NY in June. One of the things we did was a backstage tour of Radio City. They all unexpectedly really enjoyed it.
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Also Magnet does a fair amount of musical improv shows, which is also fun and good and stuff. Improvised comedic musicals: she'll dig it! I mean probably.
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I was also going to suggest Upright Citizens Brigade, with the caveats that you might need to confirm whether she can get in as a 14 year old, and also consider whether she/your wife would be comfortable if there was some 'adult' content.

On Location Vacations purports to list tv and film locations on their calendar. I doubt it would be worth spending a lot of time trying to see something filming on location, but if they are in the neighborhood of something that looks interesting, it could be worth swinging by to see.
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For candy, I like The Sweet Life, which is also near the zany Economy Candy.
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Don’t forget about Off Broadway! Check out The Brick, The Flea (especially #serials@theflea for some late night downtown theater magic, it's always a mixed bag from weird art pieces to sketch comedy style things to musicals written weekly), La Mama, The Bushwick Starr, Soho Rep (10 out of 12 is supposed to be pretty good and it’s about being in tech rehearsal so sort of like a backstage tour), The Pit and HERE Arts center or just read slightly past Broadway in the Time Out listings, it’s where she’ll be working for the first 10 years of her career if she does pursue a performing arts career, mights as well start getting used to the uncomfortable chairs and minimal bathrooms now. Also Taye Diggs is a fantastic Hedwig right now.
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Oh, seconding Economy Candy! It looks like it's totally disorganized (stuff piled up to the ceiling, really crowded aisles, etc.), but the staff is on the ball, they have a good selection, and they also have a few things that I guarantee you haven't had since you were a kid.
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Worth stopping in at Sockerbit in the West Village for Swedish candy, if you're in the neighborhood.
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Nthing both Economy Candy and Sockerbit. I'm glad I don't work near Sockerbit, actually, because if I did, I'd be in there every day, buying tons of candy and spending half my life at the dentist.
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She can contact the Tisch School @ NYU and ask to sit in on a class.
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Oh my god yes to Sockerbit
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Definitely visit The Drama Book Shop.
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I'm shocked nobody has suggested the museum of the moving image - covers lots about film/TV history, production, technology, celebrity culture, etc. One thing I enjoy is that they have a lot of interactivity in their exhibits (for instance, practice trying to do a voice over).
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