Advice on driving around Georgia (the country, not the state)
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I'm headed to Georgia on vacation in a few weeks. We're thinking of renting a car in Tblisi and traveling around the countryside- to Stepantsminda and Mtskheta. I'd appreciate any advice on driving in Georgia! Do we need to rent a 4 wheel drive? Or are the roads good enough that we can just use a regular economy-sized car? Thank you!
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From what my Georgian ex-girlfriend told me about this, the roads outside Tbilisi are still pretty bad, so a 4 wheel drive is well worth it. You may want to consider having a guide drive you, as many people outside the city will not follow traffic laws and drunk driving is still common.
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I traveled around Georgia for a few weeks in 2012, by the ubiquitous Matrushka minibus. Around Tblisi and the main highway the road is fine for regular cars. We went to Kazbegi and it was stunning - I can't remember the name of the town. I do remember we went in May and the mountain pass to get there was only just open; check the snows haven't already started up there. Once you're off the highway you will need a 4x4, and I recommend a local guide unless you can read the Georgian script on the road signs and are confident driving pretty lawless roads.
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Forgot to add: we ended up using Taxis too, the Taxi from Kazbegi back to Tblisi was about half a a Lari more expensive per person than the minibus, felt a lot safer and was much more comfortable.
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