Where can I buy affordable fashion and/or accessories while in Milan?
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I'm staying in Milan until Tuesday evening, and I'd like to pick up something for a close friend's birthday while I'm here. I can't spend a huge amount of money (maybe $100-$150 max), but I'd love to get her something unique from Milan. She's kind of a fashionista, and she tends to have an Anthropologie-esque style. I'd be looking for something like a blouse, dress, unique accessory, or personal product. Where should I go? Any specific suggestions and/or products you can recommend? Thanks!
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I've only been once, but we walked down Via Spiga and found a little shop that sells leather gloves - I got myself a red pair lined in cashmere. It was about a decade ago and I think they were about $40? The people watching was great.

Good luck!
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I'm still sorry I didn't get that read leather jacket in Florence. Italian leather, buttery soft.
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I popped into a lovely little vintage store called Cavalli e Nastri when I was there in May. Women's on one side of the street and men's on the other. There were designer dresses from various decades for about $80 or so, and lots of accessories. I regret not lingering longer!
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(Oops, as Ideefixe already pointed out)
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Response by poster: Thanks all, especially Ideefixe for the links! Off to shop!
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