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I'm wondering if there's a service that provides an easy way to collect video messages. I'd imagine it working like this: I send some people a link to and then they click "record" to record from their webcams. Then I can log in and play all the videos. Does something like that exist?
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You can do this with youtube. You'd have to have a shared account/password but youtube supports video capture straight from a webcam. You can set the channel to private so no one else can see it.
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but wouldn't each member be able to see all messages in that case? OP sounds like they are looking for something more like a video answering/recording service (cf phone recorders).
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does this do what you want? there's a free "basic" version that seems to do a kind of skype answering service with, i think, video. it's not a web site, though - instead people would skype you.
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Oh, yeah, in that case it wouldn't be good. Everyone could see all the messages. I read this as more of a fun thing, like everybody submit a celebratory video message for Karen and Doug's wedding, where it wouldn't matter if other folks saw them.
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You can do this straight out of Skype. Give the people your Skype handle then they right click your contact and click "Send Video Message."
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