Where can I rent a Dahon folding bike in New York City?
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I live in New York City, and I'm thinking of buying a folding bike. Where can I rent a Dahon folding bicycle so I can try it out?

I'd like to see what it's like to ride around my neighborhood (Astoria, Queens) with a folding bike, lug it up my steps, and so on, before I buy one. I called up lots of the shops listed on this page of NYC bike shops and searched around on the net. The only bike place that I found that will rent me a folding bike is NYCeWheels; I called them up and learned that they rent out Bromptons for $50/day. Bromptons start at about $1500; Dahons start around $300. So I'd also like to try renting a Dahon; any advice about where I can do that?

(I'm also interested in trying out the Giant Expressway, which sells for around $500, but that's lower-priority for me.)
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Best answer: Try the Message Board of the New York Cycle Club, www.nycc.org. It's open to questions from non-members.

Here's a list of rental shops, but I can't say which ones may rent folders.
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Best answer: Spinlister (link should go to NYC search. You can filter by folding only and I saw some Dahons).
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Best answer: Have you talked with a shop that is a Dahon dealer? If you leave a credit card, or otherwise leave something of value at the shop, you can test-ride a bike for longer than going around the block.
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BFold Bikes on 13th St is a bike shop that only sells folding bikes. I would think they would be the most interested in helping you make your decision. They carry several brands of folding bikes. Try giving them a visit? http://bfold.lightspeedwebstore.com/
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Response by poster: stachemaster, I called BFold yesterday and they said they don't do rentals. I do intend on visiting them during my buying process, though!
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Best answer: A week of rental is going to add up to a significant portion of the total cost of a $300-500 bike. Just buy the bike, and if it doesn't work for you, return it if you can, or sell it on Craigslist and call whatever difference you have to eat the "rental fee."
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Response by poster: I ended up following zjacreman's advice and buying from the nice people at Spin City, who let me test ride their Dahons around the block, and who had a Mariner for cheaper than BFold did. Thanks!
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