Premiere date for Downton Abbey Season Six on ITV in UK?
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In the U.S., PBS has announced it will show the new (and last) season of Downton Abbey starting January 3, 2016. I've tried searching, but I can't find the date when Downton Abbey season six will debut on ITV in the UK. I know that it will end on December 25, 2015 with a Christmas episode, but when this fall is it starting?
posted by Joleta to Media & Arts (5 answers total) was just talking about this the other day -- that in the U.S. we are accustomed to getting these announcements way in advance, thus the January start date -- but in the UK the announcement will be with much shorter notice. They surmised September, but definitely before the U.S.
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This says next month (meaning September). Best I could find so far. Very odd that they're not announcing the specific date. Also be dubious of The Mirror. [link]
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Everywhere I look it says September. Nothing more specific.
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Here are the release dates for all 5 previous seasons. On average, they start on September 20.6th, so roughly the 21st give or take up to 5 days. It airs on Sunday, so I'd say you're looking at Sunday the 20th or Sunday the 27th as the most likely candidates. My guess is that they'll err towards the earlier date. so put my nickel on September 20th. If that's the case, it would 8 episodes, the last on November 8th, followed by the usual Christmas finale, and in this case the series finale.
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Series 6 starts 9/20 on ITV:
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