Best insoles for standing all day?
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Pretty self-explanatory. I stand for roughly 11 hours each day at my new job and it feels as though somebody has slammed nails into my heels. WhIce insoles has anyone tried that would be beyond adequate for standing jobs? Specific brands and styles preferred.

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Dansko is what I wear when I'm going to be on my feet all day. I particularly like the footbed that their sandals have (Sophie is the one that I can remember the name of off the top of my head). Sanita clogs are also great for standing. There's a reason nurses prefer these brands.
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Super feet green insoles are my personal favorite for my ten hours bike shop days. Add compression socks to it and I fell fresh as a daisy. I have high arches, if you don't, you might not agree with the green ones.
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I also have had very good luck with the super feet green. The other colors have different levels of support, so you may want to try them on to see what works. Around here, REI stores sell them and have samples you can use to see what version is best for you.

Leg / foot stretches may also help alleviate some of the pain, particularly if you are developing plantar fasciitis
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Thirding Superfeet. Wearing them consistently has banished my plantar fasciitis and gotten my feet back to the point that I can run without pain.
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Have your spine checked out! You might have a compressed and subsequent bulging disk. The pain in your heels might come from a pinched nerve...
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Yep, any brand of Superfeet that works for you. I have a high instep, so I have to use the lower volume black ones. I dearly wish I could wear the green ones, but they take up too much space in my shoes. They are definitely worth the money, even if you have to buy a couple pairs and experiment to see which style works.
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I don't know if you can buy new shoes, but you want Danskos. Everyone I know who stands all day swears by them. They're especially well loved by the medical profession; you'll almost never see a nurse wearing anything else.
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Nthing clogs. And I know I've recommended this elsewhere on AskMetafilter, but the custom clogs from Clogmaster are definitely worth it and aren't much more expensive than off-the-shelf Danskos. The only catch is that you either need to visit her in Portland OR for a fitting (after she has your fit information, you can order from her any time) or see her on one of her occasional travels around the country.
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I really love the rubber Birkenstock clogs for this -- I put a neoprene pad in, then the footbed. The footbeds are replaceable, and the shoes themselves are nearly indestructible -- I can't tell you how many new footbeds I've bought. Those shoes lasted through pastry school and years in a kitchen and are still going strong.
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I tried the Super Feet greens on the advice of my orthopedist, who said I have flat feet, and found they did nothing for me. Coincidentally enough I broke my foot recently and my podiatrist suggested I get cast for orthotics. That hasn't happened yet, but I am told I will notice the difference and they will benefit both feet, and not just the broken one.

That said, if you can consult with a professional, please do. But if you plan to keep this job consider something less other the counter.

Good luck.
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Custom orthotics changed my life. They last 8-10 years and you have to keep them away from dogs. (Nom, nom! A chewie that smells like YOU!) Also, they are much cheaper from a chiropractor. Same process, same factory.
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Nthing Superfeet--they saved me when I could barely stand or walk without having heel pain.

I'll also recommend doing calf stretches every few hours on your breaks. If I've been standing for long periods of time--especially in shoes like loafers that I can't get the superfeet into--I still get heel pain, but stretching the calf out helps a lot in reducing the pain.

You may still want to see a doctor, especially if neither of these options work out for you.
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I have been really impressed with Powerstep. Their Pinnacle works for me, but every body is different. : ) They last a crazy long time. I have only used them in sneakers, but I have worn them while I stand all day, and walking, and running.
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Response by poster: I forgot to point out that I have to wear dress shoes all day and clogs/dankso style shoes are out of the question. Dammit.
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Like fiercecupcake, I love Birkenstock clogs. Unlike fiercecupcake, I have cracked four pair. I find myself frequently squatting or kneeling. I also tend to shuffle my feet. I should buy another pair.
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How dressy do these dress shoes have to be? Superfeet does make an insole for heels. It's not as good as the Superfeet blues I have in my flats, but they still help a ton. And depending on the flat, you CAN fit a blue in there. The blue doesn't take up THAT much more volume than the blacks, and it makes the day so much more bearable. (I love my Superfeet blues so much I consciously choose to wear my work shoes out of work, because they have Superfeet and my sneakers don't.)
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