Found cat! Lost owners?
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Family member found a lost kitty at a KOA campground in Colorado. Can Metafilter find her lost humans? Mefites have pulled off wonders before...can we do it again?

Finder says, "This kitty was lost sometime in June/July at the KOA campground in Central City, CO. I found her today. She is skinny but in good health otherwise. The KOA knew she was missing but didn't keep contact info. I don't even know what state the people were from. I've called everywhere in the vicinity and no one has a missing cat report. I'd really like to find the kitty's owners. She is a little sweetheart." Kitty is currently parked safely at a no-kill shelter, but we'd love to help her get home. (Doesn't seem to be chipped. If only it could be so easy!)

Your suggestions (and pinging of KOA camping aquaintance) greatly appreciated!
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A photo would really help or at least a description with some identifiable marks.
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Link to my instagram for kitteh viewing! (Edited for deplorable HTML non-skills in original post)
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Poor kitty! The finder should post the story and pic to Facebook and other social media platforms and encourage people to share it. It's a long shot, but worth a try!
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There are tons of Facebook groups for lost and found pets. Here's one for Colorado, although I know nothing about them specifically. The best bet is to get the word out.

I know that the ones I follow in Illinois get shared all over the country.
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Hit Twitter, maybe, searching for June and July?
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And here's the Denver West/Central City KOA FB page, although woefully under-Liked for this purpose. KOA also has an Instagram, a blog, and a Pinterest. (Note the "Share Photo and Video" section on the blog link.)
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The Denver Dumb Friends League has a page where you can report a lost pet and they might have advice on other places to look that were local.
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Would you mind if I posted this to my tumblr?
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Nevermind, now I see the photo!
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Reddit and!
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Tzikeh, and any others, post away! Thanks for all advice so far!
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There are a number of camping forums on the web you could try posting a message to. is one.

The KOA people should have registration information for people who were camping in the approximate timeframe the cat was lost. Even if they can't give the info to you, they might be willing to do an e-mail blast. One of the registrants might remember info about who lost a cat.

This is an opportunity for the KOA folks to be heroes, not minimally helpful!
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Reddit is good at signal boosting stuff like this
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