Pre-season football fan needs a place to watch in Ventura County, CA.
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Where, in Ventura County, is a good place to watch (and hear; keyword there) the NFL pre-season games live on TV and still manage to eat a reasonably priced meal?

All reviews I can find of supposed sports bars only talk about the food and not the viewing experience. We want to be able to hear the Seahawks games and have a bite to eat without spending too much. Please make suggestions because the first pre-season game is day after tomorrow. Many thanks!
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Are you closer to the Ventura end or the Westlake Village end?
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Can you call up a Buffalo Wild Wings near you, and ask which game they'll be playing sound for? Ask for a manager - they usually know in advance which games will be their 'main' game.
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Response by poster: Ovenmitt, I'm in Oxnard, so definitely Ventura but if there is a good one where we can hear well in Westlake then we'll still go.

Hydra77, the problem with Wild Wings is noise. That place is way too loud and we won't be able to hear it. Thanks though. :)
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For similar things, I've used the Android app "Tunity", which syncs with a TV for many (but not all) channels, and lets you listen with headphones. That might work for you if noise is the problem. I have absolutely no affiliation with them, but it worked for me when I was staying somewhere that had AMC at the bar but not in the rooms during Walking Dead season.
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Also, the BDubs in Oxnard is JUST. AWFUL.

Okay, I have a few recommendations.

There's a Cronies in Ventura - affordable food and audible games. I go to the Cronies in Newbury Park most weeks to watch my Colts game. I will say that I haven't been to the Cronies in Ventura, but it's an chain that's meant for sports watching. It's a safe bet.

There's a Lazy Dog at the Collection in Oxnard - they have TVs in the bar area, but you might run into a sound problem, especially mid evening on a Friday.

There's also a Yard House there. It's the home of ridiculously large TVs for game watching. Food is a bit more expensive.

It's not a bar, but Dickey's BBQ in Oxnard always has a game on and has pretty solid food. Also, free soft serve!

The Lookout is on the water and has a few TVs at their bar. I'm not sure how good the food is there (they've had some issues) but worth it just for the view.

Finally, there's a Seahawks meetup at Janss Mall in Thousand Oaks. Depending how far into Oxnard you are, it'd probably be a 30 minute drive on the 101 to get to TO. If you'd be willing to go all the way towards Agoura, it's worth looking these folks up.

There's only two FOOTBALL games at 7pm tomorrow, but it's important to know that there's a Dodger game at 7:10pm. This might upset your plans for anyplace where you'd want to hear another game, though hopefully you'll find a place that will be able to play both at an acceptable volume.

Good luck!
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