Tourism on Lower East Side (NYC) in Between Bouts of Eating?
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I'd like to spend a day on the LES eating all the foods I grew up with (so this means pistrami, bialis. lox, halvah, babkah, etc.). In order to avoid getting sick, I'm going to need to space out my meals/snacks. Could anyone recommend interesting places to visit/things to see while I'm digesting? I have pretty eclectic tastes.
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The Tenement Museum (specifically the tour of apartments/businesses) is wonderful.
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If you like pinball, there's a bar right by there called Two Bits Retro Arcade which has pinball tables and old arcade games for cheap (like 25 cents to a dollar per game). You can grab a light beer or a glass of wine and kill some time there.
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Catch the staten island ferry there and back again.
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Get a bike share bike and ride the bridges.
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Check out some galleries.
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still food, but i suggest economy candy
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You could go uptown a bit to The Strand. Looks like the 14A or 14D buses will be your best bet from there.
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Sammy's For dinner. Must do if you like a little Romanian singing to you as you enjoy your fantastic Jewish Cuisine!

There is the famous Katz's that is also a must visit, though it is a little north of LES.

There are many galleries that have opened and you can actually download an app to map your trip if you are into modern art.

Enjoy your trip!
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St. Mark's Place is interesting people watching, shopping, and history (see the houses on the cover of Led Zepplin's 'Physical Graffiti', see the house where {Leon Trotsky, W.H. Auden, Abbie Hoffman, Lenny Bruce} lived.

Thompkin's Square Park. People watching, labor history, etc.

Astor Place - site of a 1849 riot, crowds estimated at 10,000 people, 30 people killed, over two actors performing Shakespeare's MacBeth!

6th St. Botanical Garden
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