What is the best tumbler with a straw?
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I am looking for a great quality tumbler with a lid + straw. Think iced coffee during commute. Willing to spend $30-$40 (or more?) for quality. Thanks you.
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Best answer: Tervis 16oz + straw lid + straw?
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Best answer: Hello, you want a Tervis.
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I'm hooked on the glass tumblers and water bottles -- the beverages taste yummy. I've used this tumbler for the entire summer: Ello Coachella BPA-Free Glass Sipper with Straw. (Note: I have other glass water bottles that are more leak-proof).
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Starbucks actually has a number of them in their online shop, probably in physical locations too. I am currently sipping my homemade cold brew out of one right now, and I like it.
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We have the Contigo Shake & Go tumblers and like them a lot (we use them for wine over ice while relaxing on the patio): They have a screw-on lid and a clever little spring loaded cover inside the straw hole so you can take out the straw & they still don't leak. The come in an insulated version or a single-wall version. Recommended. That glass Starbucks one looks pretty nice though too, but it will likely leak if tipped.
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I am not saying these Starbucks tumblers are actually rare, but they are surprisingly great. They "discontinued" them last year and then had them in store again this year. You may find one at a Starbucks, if you're lucky.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips. I ended up going the route of buying separate parts from Tervis. We have a set of Tervis tumblers so I knew it was probably the best quality I'd find for a to-go cup. The set cost a few cents shy of $30.00 (went with 24 ounce tumbler), and I got extra straws out if the deal.
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