Good animation apps for iPad that let you delete just what you want to?
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I'm just starting to learn about animation. I want to make some simple "music videos" where a character's mouth moves (because she's "singing"), but here's the problem:

I bought the app "Animation Desk." What I found was that their definition of "onion skinning" is that the next frame shows you the frame before so that you can trace over the drawing -- but you have to trace the entire drawing.

What I want is an app where you can just delete what you want to change; e.g., delete just the mouth, and put in a new mouth. I'm kind of amazed that the apps I've been looking at don't do that, including the one I bought.

Is there any iPad app that will do what I want? I don't want to go back to my PC and deal with Flash, Photoshop, etc. I just want something simple to do on my iPad -- because I can use a stylus.

Thanks for any help!
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I have it on my iPad but not too familiar with it.

There should be a couple of tabs on the top left that say foreground and middle ground. Put your head layer on the middle ground and it skins the two layers.

If you really want everything on one layer, you can use the lasso tool to copy paste your drawing into a new cel and then just change the mouth.
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I use and enjoy Animation HD on my ipad. You can copy and paste slides and then use the erase tool to take out what you want.
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