How do I find clothes that fit me properly in NYC/Brooklyn?
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I'm a slim 40-year old guy in Brooklyn and cannot find pants that fit me and are age-appropriate. Help?

I am about 5'8" and 150lbs. I definitely look younger than my age and am trapped between a men's Small and Medium in most clothes. I don't have a ton of energy for shopping and end up mostly with something from Ben Sherman or Penguin, shirt-wise.

Pants on the other hand - they always seem cut too tight in a way that looks a bit more appropriate for a 25-year old. I buy stuff from Uniqlo and realize a week later they look ridiculous. If I buy a bigger waist size (I'm a 31" or 32"), the whole area around the crotch is too big and the legs too small.

Is there any place that will actually make pants to spec? Nothing too dressy, but something canvas-y like these? I honestly can't even find a type of Levi's that is the right fit. Thanks!
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Have you tried Banana Republic? They were generally successful at pantsing my smaller-than-the-average-dude ex and their stuff tends more classic than trendy so they shouldn't feel too young for you.
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You might have luck with Brooklyn Industries .
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If you have the budget for it, try Epaulet or Unis. They're both NYC-based menswear boutiques that built their reputation on well-fitting, high-quality pants (and US-made, if that's important to you).
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Don't forget that you can get pants tailored for like eight bucks each. It might make that medium fit totally properly.
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