How do I go about starting a website with monthly membership fee?
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I would like to start a website that has a monthly membership fee. Can someone suggest what service or software would allow me to charge a monthly fee to access my website? I dont plan on charging very much to access the site and will never have more than maybe 50 or 60 members, so this wont be very profitable for me, and I would like to go with the cheapest and most simple option available. I am not planning on having anything besides just a calendar where you can click on a date and see what events are on that specific day. The services I was seeing seemed to have too many options and I didnt want to be paying to have options I wouldnt use. Thanks.
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The term of art for this is, "recurring payments," and Stripe does this as well as anybody.
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I'm going to assume you have a WordPress site.
Here a blog entry that compares all the WordPress Membership Site plug-ins.
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The easiest way to do this is to set up a Meetup group with membership dues. Meetup will charge you about $15/month for unlimited members plus a little less than 10% commissions on subscriptions. Those are some high fees but if you consider that it's (a) a turn-key, hosting-included solution tailored to events that (b) will take you an hour to set up, and (c) 10% of a small amount is probably not worth worrying about, I think that's your best bet. If you already have a site, there is embedding available.
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