I want to do something nice for travelers to Palm Springs. Help!
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My neighbor has been awesome to us lately, and he and his wife are going to Palm Springs in a couple weeks. We want to do something nice for them while they're there. Snowflake details inside!

Our nextdoor neighbor is a contractor, and we've been doing a lot of little house projects here and there that he's helped us out with. A couple weeks ago, though, he went way above and beyond - we painted our house, and he not only loaned us his sprayer, but he also pitched in 11 hours of his own time to work with us without asking for anything in return.

He and his wife are going to Palm Springs for a week or so at the end of the month for their anniversary, and my wife and I want to get them a...thing they can do while they're down there. We've never been, though, and have no idea what sorts of things are there.

My neighbor and his wife are self-described "Christian hippies", and not at all fancy people - they're camping for a good chunk of their time there, and they don't really need a super-fancy resort or anything. They do like a glass of wine and decent food, but they won't be bringing nice clothes or anything so dressing up for a nice meal is probably not on their agenda. He's a builder and a painter (both of houses and of art), and she's a metal- and leather-crafter, if that helps.

We were hoping to get them something in the $200-ish range (in addition to some other gifts they can use here), but I'm not sure what - a good quality, not-snotty restaurant? Some sort of experience? We don't know.

Are you from Palm Springs? Have you been there a lot? What would you give someone who was going there for vacation? Any and all ideas will be welcomed.
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Guided tour of mid-century architecture, $85/person.
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A sound bath at the Integratron? depending on what sort of Christian hippies they are.
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You should recommend they go to Terminator Christ park outside of Palm Springs [so called because the statues are starting to fall apart, leaving exposed rebar and wire. However, that is free]. It recreates many of the famous scenes in the Bible, only with a 15 foot Jesus statue in each.

There is a lot of tennis and golf in Palm Springs - do they play either?

Last time I was in Palm Springs, we ate at Trio, and it was great. We didn't feel under-dressed in jeans and tshirts, but the food was excellent. If you want to gift them a meal, that seems to match your requirements.
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Are they going up the tram? You could pick up their tickets.

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Any of the restaurants at the Ace Hotel are excellent and low-key/not fancy. The spa there is also great.
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Buy them tram tickets up the mountain. It's a stunning ride up a steep mountain, and the top is cool, clean and peaceful, full of huge pine trees. Really worth it. I liked the experience far more than I thought I would. I could imagine christian hippies really enjoying it.
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Yup, the tram and dinner at the top.
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A guided tour of Joshua Tree national park?
Here's one tour for $200.
I haven't used them personally, so can't recommend. But check Trip Advisor etc.

Depending on where you are from, the desert ecosystem could be a real treat for them to see. It is a really beautiful park.

Hot this time of year, though, so take that into account for outdoor activities of any kind.
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They might appreciate you looking after their house and yard for them while they're gone more than something for them at their destination.
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