ID a beautifu song - lost in the streets in front of a statue or chapel
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I think the song is about two people who lose each other in a crowd in front of a the church, basilica, or statue of a saint. I think the song is named after that saint. This song is hauntingly beautiful, the rhythm twinkles and meanders throughout, and in the middle, any classical melody or rhythm completely lost for a minute, the parts/layers of the music overlapping out of phase. Then the same parts are played together, locked in phase at the end.

The song is by a female singer songwriter, who I believe now has a job with an environmental group.

A truly beautiful song, thanks for your help finding it again! :)
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Best answer: St. Stephen's Cross by Vienna Teng One of my fave songs by my fave singer/songwriters. And yes, she's recently graduated from environmental business school (before she went into songwriting, she was a programmer at Cisco, so she is extraordinarily multi-talented).
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