How do I create an image with quoteables?
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Hi HiveMind- I have seen that people have amazing pictures and have quoteables on them. How do I create this? here is a link, but an example is Oprah, so praying buddha hands image and a great quote, how do I do this in a professional looking way, not a meme type of things. thanks! Link.
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I imagine most of the time it's done in Photoshop, but I googled "inspiration quote creator" and found this and this, which seem to be what you want.
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i use my phone (ios) to create stuff like that all the time - Phonto and Typorama are the apps i use. just upload a photo (either one i take with my camera or one i find on google or pinterest), and then type in a quote and play with pretty fonts. hopefully that helps!
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Canva is a free online service that makes this pretty easy. It would take you literally 5 minutes from the time you logged in.
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Canva, as Nevin said. Pablo is another web-based app. On iOS: WordSwag & Over. Over allows you to install your own fonts, too.
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Yep, canva. I manage a professional social media team and the non-designers often use it to make image+quote shareable graphics because it's free and faster than photoshop (if you're not well-versed in PS).
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Yes, Canva and Pablo are what I came to recommend.
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Couldn't be easier.
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Here is the link for Pablo.
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