Cool examples of generative art
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I'm teaching an Intro to Programming course to first year design students. I'd like to show them examples of cool art and design projects with a strong programmy feel: interactive, algorithmic, data driven, mapping, etc., to get them excited about learning to program.

The class is half Processing / half Python, but the examples could be in any language or platform. It could be graphics, video, interactive stuff, audio, whatever.
I'd also appreciate up to date examples, hopefully something from 2012 onwards or so.
I'm aware that there's a bunch of directories and galleries of this kind of thing, I'm asking for help curating them: what do you think the stand out examples are?
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I just bookmarked this site yesterday. It has a bunch of experimental webgl projects. Some are more arty than others.
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the processing lead guy's work is pretty nice. you might show them this video.

(it's a bit "too much like it was done with processing", but i guess in his case it's excusable).
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I'm not 100% sure this is what you're looking for, but I find the Wind Map hypnotic. It's a dynamic visualization of data from the National Digital Forecast Database.
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I know two people who are absolutely amazing at this: Micah Scott ( and Bruce Shapiro.

Off the top of my head: Micah made Zen Photon Garden (, as well as a bunch of stuff with her Fadecandy boards, and Bruce made Sisyphus, a CNC-ish sand table (
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Also Creative Applications, which is wide-ranging, but includes generative art.
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Bees and Bombs, neat animated GIFs made with Mathematica.
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Mike Bostock Does amazing things with data visualization. He used to be with the New York Times but has left to focus on d3.js, the JavaScript library he started.
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Google's DeepDream code is open-source and available for Python, and can make some really really impressive images.
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Keith Peters did a series of about 40 videos called Coding Math and there are lots of great examples there and resources in his blog.
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Adam Ferriss

Andrew Benson
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Joshua Davis
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Dave Bollinger has some really neat ones (might have to dig back in the archives a bit). Mostly made in Processing, I think.
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