Fertility Clinic in the Twin Cities metro
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I am a late 30s woman with PCOS and my gyn says it's time to go to a clinic since we've been trying for a year.

I wanted to go to the UofM since I have another specialist there that I like, but their clinic has closed. I am overweight and would love to change that, but I want a place that will not make treatment all about my weight. Where should I go?
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Have you tried Mayo Clinic? It's not too far from you, and they have a PGA (pituitary gonad adrenal) clinic that treats PCOS.
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I was going to suggest Mayo if you don't mind driving out there. A friend went there a few years ago for some tricky issues and she loved it. Apparently they have one of the best reproductive endocrinology programs in the county.
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You might not even have to go to Rochester for Mayo - they have hospitals and clinics around the region. We went to a Mayo fertility center here in Wisconsin.
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Mayo also has the REI clinic, which may be more helpful since you're specifically trying to conceive.
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I don't have any specific recommendations but I'm going to throw this out there - Canadian clinics may be a good option for you. Even with travel I saved thousands of dollars going to Canada.
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I went to REI at Mayo and it was fantastic. I have PCOS and it wasn't about my weight at all - although I have lean PCOS. But I do think you should expect and not fault them for bringing up weight loss if they do, as from what I recall, it is a proven way to treat infertility in PCOS. But definitely it should not be all about your weight. Going to a real REI specialist is so much more helpful for infertility. I regret the time I wasted seeing my regular gyn about it. Best of luck, memail if any questions about Mayo or infertility generally!
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Are you a member of RESOLVE? Their local chapter should be able to provide you with feedback about docs in your area, as well as emotional support.
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