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Do you have recipes for how to make soy-sauce flavored corn puffs, or places you've seen making or selling them?

When I was a kid, my father had several recipes that involved deep frying foods that had been lathered in soy sauce (and other flavors) and then coated in corn starch. Occasionally when making these, little blobs of corn starch and soy sauce would glom together and puff up in the oil and he'd pull them out. I loved them.

I'd really love to deliberately create these, but generally when I try to cook corn starch I burn it. I do remember a lot of the ones from childhood were burnt, but I'd like ideas for how to do better.

Also, while I'm at it, I'd love to hear your similar stories of cooking gone awry-aright, where making something resulted in something tasty on the side that you didn't mean.
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I can't help you with corn puffs, I imagine they're made by factories with industrial machine-extruded corn meal but in Asia, we make crackers from rice. They're commonly savory, including soy-flavored too.

You might want to try baking rice crackers and brushing them over with a mix of mirin and soy sauce while they're cooking. That would give you crispy rice crackers that are soy-flavored. You can add sesame or nori too.


BTW Asian grocers do have corn puffs/potato chips in unusual flavors and I won't be surprised if you can find packets of soy-flavored ones.
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One more thought, if you're bent on deep-frying, you can buy raw krupuk from Asian supermarkets and deep-fry them at home yourself. They expand and become crispy when fried. They're not usually soy sauce-flavored but I imagine you can work something out perhaps after they're cooked?

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Best answer: I found this recipe. It seems like a lot of steps, but I bet you could replace all the flavorful stuff with miso and soy sauce.
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