Where can I get more plates like this?
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I bought a plate in Tokyo at Tokyu Hands. The best way I can describe it is "whimsical." I'd love to find more plates along the same lines, but I don't know where to look.

Here's a photo from the designer's website. The plate has a place setting drawn on it: plate, fork and knife. This designer doesn't appear to have more tableware, but I'm hoping there are similar things out there.

By similar, I mean sort basic and understated, but cute and whimsical at the same time. (I'd like the design to accent the food rather than overtaking it as the focal point.)

The plate I bought was around US$20, which was definitely a plus. I'm in Canada, but U.S. sources are fine. For the right plates, I'd be happy to look at options elsewhere too.

I'll be honest: It would be for posting food photos on social media, so I don't need a complete set of anything and I don't really care if they're dishwasher-safe or anything.

Thank you, as always.
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MoMA might have some things that appeal. The Magritte plates, maybe or the Manga plates?
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Fishs Eddy
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I have a set of these 6 plates. I LOVE them. They definitely qualify as whimsical to me.
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Dylan Kendall's footed bowls
Bryce Wymer's Grasp bowl (temporarily out of stock)
Illustrated vintage plates by Sobigraphie
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These Food Face plates have a plain face design that you decorate with food. I give them as gifts and they never fail to delight.
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They only have a few different plate designs but my immediate thought when I saw this OP was Pylones. I think you'll like a lot of their other kitchen and household items.
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These "Face" "Transportation" and "Sport" plates are definitely whimsical!
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Flying Tiger has whimsical designs that might work for you. I think their wares are constantly in rotation.
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Molly Hatch isn't cheeky-referential like the plate you posted, but her pieces interact with one another and her pieces for Anthropologie can be very whimsical.
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I've bought fun plates at CB2 before. They don't have a lot right now, but it's something to keep an eye out for.
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I keep seeing whimsical dinnerware.

red cake stand

Lichtenstein placemats

utensils tea towel
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