Wifi enabled battery powered speakers?
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I'm looking for a waterproof, battery operated speaker that can be transmitted to over wifi, NOT bluetooth. Does such a thing exist? I can find lots that use bluetooth, but that's not what I'm after. I specifically need wifi.
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I suspect what you're probably looking for is an AirPlay speaker.
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What are you trying to do? There is nothing that receives pure audio over wifi in the way that Bluetooth does, so you need a speaker that connects to *something* to get the audio - knowing what that something is would help answer the question.
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The keyword here is going to be DLNA, if you're outside Apple's AirPlay ecosystem.
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Is this not exactly what Sonos does?
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Agree with pipeski and Cosine. AirPlay or Sonos.

However, if you are using Macs and have updated to latest iTunes (with Apple Music) you will need to wait until later in the year to buy a new Sonos as it is currently not compatible. At least that is what my MiL says and she is researching Sonos currently.
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I do not think Sonos makes anything that is waterproof, nor battery operated.
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