Heathrow to Gloucester Road During Tube Strike?
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Londoners and experienced travelers; HALP. Landing in London during (currently) planned Tube strike; Transport for London website indicates NO service from Heathrow Terminal 3 on trains. So. How do I get from the airport to Gloucester Road? Should I prebook coach tickets? Links and advice needed!
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If money's not an issue and luggage is light, I would just take the Heathrow Express train (which is running) to Paddington then walk 30 minutes. If you've got too much stuff to walk, i don't know whether doing that second part of the journey by bus or taxi would be easy or hard during the strike.
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Yeah, as Oliver said. Worth booking tickets ahead to avoid some of the crush, though it will still be rammed. From Paddington Its a pleasant walk through Hyde Park if you haven't got much stuff.

Paddington runs a queueing system for taxis whereby you go up some escalators at the high numbered end of the station, this is likely to be pretty hammered with a tube strike on. Personally I usually go straight out the front and just hail one in the street, but there will be a lot more competition for this too. Might be worth putting the local map in the memory on your tablet or phone so you can get walking directions if it becomes necessary.
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Response by poster: About how much would a taxi from Paddington to Gloucester Road station cost in case walking does turn out to be an issue? I see we could also do it with 2 buses. Advice? This will be around 10 am.
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About £10 in a black cab according to the internet. I might suggest taking your time and having a late breakfast at Heathrow or Paddington to allow the last of the commuter busyness to die off before you try the buses/taxis.
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The buses themselves will probably be fine, but will take longer than usual because roads will be busier. I went from Brixton to Kings Cross on the bus during the strike last month (off-peak) and it took about 2 hours rather than 1.
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Response by poster: Oh brother; I just realized I'm flying out Thursday night and will arrive Friday morning. Crisis averted!
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Corvine if you do that journey again this week, walk over to Loughborough Junction, Herne Hill or Denmark Hill. Thameslink trains aren't affected by the strike (though they will be hideously full during rush hour). Journey is about 20-25mins, trains run every 15mins.
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