help me find a midsized waterproof mat with a lip
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We're putting a standard sized vertical refrigerator on top of carpet at my workplace and we'd like to put it on top of some kind of waterproof mat with a raised edge or lip to it, in case some day the fridge breaks down and leaks. What would be the right search term for this kind of item?

The fridge will be typical dimensions 81.3W x 71.8D cm (32 x 28ΒΌ") but I am having a difficult time figuring out what the right search terms would be for the item we need. When I look up items like "rubber floor mat with lip" I tend to get those floor mats for desks to protect carpets, and also things like this pig/livestock mat but they want to charge us $200 to ship the $50 mat. Help me google please!

(No kink related suppliers, I probably can't get my institution to approve them as vendors).
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I think the word you need is "pan" not "mat". And it looks like the ones for washing machines will fit just right.
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If you can find a big one, you might just want to look for a "washer tray" or "washer pan"- made for washing machines to sit in. You can also look for "refrigerator floor tray" or pan. No need to reinvent the wheel here or re-purpose something made for something else - these are things that exist.
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Well, this laundry room mat has free shipping.
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I googled "Appliance tray" and found a ton of relevant links.
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