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I am looking for "pretty" websites...

I'm looking for smart, funny, trendy websites geared towards women or designed with a feminine touch. Or just websites that one might consider "pretty". (Just not pretty in a hokey greeting card way... but a "cool" kind of pretty.) That is probably the most important thing. If you can think of any, let me know. Thanks!
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Web Creme?
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If you cycle through the CSS Zen Garden you'll find many designs one could consider feminine. No content to speak of, but some really slick design work.
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One minute late.
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Cusack, I was concentrating on the "pretty" element, don't think I'd know "cool" if it jumped up and bit me on the nose ;-)

[ryanhealy - sorry!)
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What Ceri Richard said. That's a great list of sites that showcase the best of Web design.
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I'm not sure if it's a standard theme or not, but I've found ThePinkSuperheroe's blog to be quite pretty and feminine.
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A friend of mine, a book designer, has a blog that I consider quite nice to look at: Rebecky.
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There's Christine Castro's Maganda.org. Both the Work and Play sections are very girly-cute (not really my thing, but some may think it cool).
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You shoulde definitely check out NetDiver. She finds the most gorgeous sites. There are fem sites throughout, but you may want to start with the unfortunately-named powagirrrls section.
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It's just some girl's wordpress blog (I don't believe she created the theme) but I think this one is pretty.
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I love the retro-style ofthis site. I don't know if it's pretty, but it sure is pink. With polka dots!
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I'm not sure what you mean by pretty, but I'd call these well-designed, at least, and each has content ranging from the interesting to the sublime. Wood's Lot, (our own) Plep, Things Magazine, Coudal, Arts and Letters Daily. Another of our members, the lovely Taz, has a equally lovely site and designs nice web spaces for others, as well. #1 has a couple of nice looking sites, too.
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Oops, spaces should lead to this, by another of our members, growabrain.
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Aww, Captaintripps, thanks for mentioning my site! It's not a standard theme- it was a design I spruced up myself with my limited knowledge of HTML, and a picture I really loved. Thanks for the link.

But, erm, just for the record, that link is not my site.
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Craig Thompson's website: http://www.dootdootgarden.com/
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Captaintripps is right.
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scarabic, that theme is by über designer Rebecca Wei, who also made the lovely 'Almost Spring' theme. Both are on show here, a quick showcase that cusack might find useful.

Between the Zen Garden for experimental work and Style Gala for field results you'll pretty much see la crème de la crème.
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Bad copy paste. My bad.

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The site that zanni linked to was designed by the ladies at Moxie Design Studios. Their business site is really pretty, as are the sites they turn out (they definitely have the feminine touch).
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Lynne Heller does all kinds of websites, not just pretty/fem ones, but they all seem to me to have a distinctly feminine touch, nothing like the surprisingly pop-ish, cartoony ones mostly linked above. Lynne’s stuff just looks like gorgeous, smart print page layout, but with a subtle but obvious feminine esthetic behind it, somehow.
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Sazziest, Some.fancypiece.com
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