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Where can I purchase an "unveiling cloth cover thing"? We are launching a new product and want to have it covered during a presentation and then -VOILA!- unveil it. But my google-fu is failing me. Help?

The product is a big piece of machinery so a table cloth alone won't do. Roughly the cloth needs to be 20ft by 20 ft. Where can I buy something like this online? Bonus points if I can get our logo printed on it.
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What about a custom tarp from a tarp manufacturer?
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There are actually places (like this) that make industrial covers for machinery. I presume you want something that can just be used basically once so that may not be what you're looking for. A canvas drop cloth in almost your size would run you about $50. A polyester tarp, by comparison might be $170-$300.
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I would look on Etsy for someone who could sew and perhaps print a large piece of muslin.
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Get two custom printed table cloths and have someone sew them together?
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How about a bolt of unveiling fabric for $55? (Also would require sewing)
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Have you tried a fabric store? Do you have access to a sewing machine? If not, fabric stores might have sewing machines there (for sale or for classes) and might be able to do the sewing for you (for a price)---I imagine you wouldn't need much more than a couple of seams and a hem.

If you go that route, you might have better luck at a quilt store or other independently owned fabric store than at a big chain fabric store, as the employees/owner probably has more flexibility. Or try your local theater; they might have a costumer who could help.
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That much material is going to be heavy, btw.
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20 foot play parachute? You might be able to get one with a logo printed on, too.

As for the bolt of veiling fabric, since it is 54 inches wide, keep in mind that you'd need just over 2 bolts to really get to 20 feet square.
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