Help finding an illustration of a "saying among the rabbins"?
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A while back, I was insomnia-browsing, and I came across either an illustration or a photograph of a tattoo, related to the saying below. Unfortunately, I can't remember which. Either way, it was black-and-white, in a simple engraved style. Any ideas what this illustration could be? If it was a tattoo, it seemed like it was probably copied from or inspired by a historical illustration.

Here's the text I found related to the illustration [source]:
It is a common saying among the rabbins, "Sin is, at first, like a fine silken thread, scarcely felt; but the temptation strengthens by habit; the fine thread grows to the thickness of a cable or cart-rope, which binds the unhappy victim with relentless power."
The illustration had a filament stretching from the top to the bottom of the image, winding through a few elements of the saying (bobbin of thread, cart...? cable thing..?, possibly a set of shackles) as it grew larger, from thread to rope. I don't think it had the full text of the saying, but maybe a few words.

Here's hoping somebody has some deep knowledge about these sorts of illustrations... thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Hah! Okay, it turns out it was NOT online -- I have a little collection of Christian tracts sitting next to my desk, and I guess it was the cover illustration to one of the tracts. Sorry to mislead.

In case somebody is curious about it, I've scanned it and uploaded it here.

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