External numberpad (Bluetooth?)
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I am looking for an external numberpad for a Dell M3800. I would prefer Bluetooth in order to not having to use an USB receiver. It seems there are not many options. Thoughts? Alternatively, any recommendations for a cable free numberpad using a receiver that also supports a mouse and is super small?

I found the Elecom which is for the Japanese market. The Newertech one is already on order from amazon. And then there are some >$200 products, which is a joke.
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Best answer: I have a Microsoft bluetooth number pad which can be had relatively inexpensively on eBay. It works all right. If you want something new, this mac-styled bluetooth number pad isn't too expensive and should work fine with your PC.

In any case, I think you'll have better luck staying away from Amazon. Most of the $200+ models are actually discontinued models where unscrupulous sellers have upped their asking cost because they know some people won't check anywhere besides Amazon.
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Oh, in case it wasn't clear, I'm not selling mine, that's just a seller selling the same model as what I have. Not a self link. :)
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If you *must* have Bluetooth it's about $40 on Amazon:


If you can do regular Wireless (use USB port) it's $20, on Amazon. And if you can go wired, it's as low as $8 on Newegg.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all for your replies. I was hoping for some real world experiences with this calculator/number pad device. I'll give it a try.
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Response by poster: The customer loves the MS one. Thank You so much!
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