WordPress Stressball, FlexSlider Edition
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It's a WordPress conundrum.

Successfully logged into SFTP? Check.
Know the css that I want to replace to change the FlexSlider width? Check.
Know where in the public_html folder I can find old css code so that I can edit it to updated css code? No.

I'm using FireFTP (which also supports sftp connections). WordPress, customized. Some CSS, some HTML, and some SQL.

How do I fix the slide header width?

CSS? Anybody?
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posted by humboldt32 at 1:51 PM on July 31, 2015 [1 favorite]

You should, of course, be using a Child Theme
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Be aware: for some plugins like FlexSlide the CSS may be in

OR some plugins add CSS directly into the HTML of the page. Check if this is the case, in which case it's probably something you can change in the plugin/slider settings.
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It's bad practice to edit the CSS, or any files, in the plugin directory. You should always override the plugin's CSS via the /child_theme/style.css file. Use "!important" if necessary.
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Agreed, humboldt32 – you definitely want to be only editing the CSS in your child theme folder. I should've clarified that you may check in the plugin folder just if you're looking for where the existing CSS rules are coming from.
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In case the OP isn't aware, my SOP for identifying where a style is coming from is to right click the element in Chrome or Firefox and "Inspect Element". The dev tools will list the file location and the line that the css is on.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone for the responses.

I'm finally getting a chance to work on this today.

I've come to manage a website that I didn't set up; "child_theme" doesn't even exist. Many plug-ins and other open source applications (et al.) have been implemented in the website's back-end and in the source code.

Digging now to try and find a solution.
posted by simulacra at 12:41 PM on August 4, 2015

Response by poster: Okay, I'm trying to edit this part of the source code into the OG css:
/* header*/
/* line 2119, ../sass/sass_style.scss */
.positioned-header {
width: 960px;
// position: absolute;
// top: 0;
// margin-left: auto;
// margin-right: auto;
// left: 0;
// right: 0;
But I can't find the "sass/sass_style.scss*/" source code to which this code is linking in order to edit it.

Do I need to create and open a github account? Will this mystery ever be solved?
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Response by poster: Update: found css stylesheet.
posted by simulacra at 2:01 PM on August 4, 2015

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