Contractor Abandonment in Wisconsin?
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I know YANML, but might someone know if there's a statute in Wisconsin law that defines the time period by which someone might declare abandonment by their contractor?

in my previous question, we argued with the contractor who agreed that we were not obligated to pay him for his cost overruns, he agreed to eat the costs and he chalked it up to a learning experience. We had a few more phone calls and emails with him and then in mid-April, he went AWOL - not returning our phone calls, texts or emails. We recently sent him a registered letter, which he was not available to receive, nor has he picked it up from the Post Office.

The construction is nearly done, there are a few things we need to hire to finish: such as exterior caulking/staining and regrading the driveway. Fortunately, the work he did perform was excellent, it's just not quite finished. There is a bit left from the construction loan to finish his unfinished work, which the bank and the title company have agreed to pay out to us to complete the work. We just want to know if we can consider ourselves abandoned by him.
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You'll have to look at the contract in addition to the state statutes. Run the contract by your attorney, who will advise you about the terms of the contract, in light of any state statutes that may apply to your case.
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