Where can I find a list of monthly internet challenges?
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Nanowrimo, Inktober, One Book July...where can I find a list of such challenges so that I don't miss them next time?

Pretty straightforward question :) I find I tend to learn of these too late. One Book July (a challenge where you get to use only one notebook for the whole month) was half-done before I heard about it, and while I enjoyed the last two weeks, I feel like I missed out on the community aspect because I didn't know in time.

So, where can I find a list of such things? Writing, drawing, craft or journal-themed, whatever. I just like doing creative stuff with other people. Point me in the right direction?
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Isn't this crazy? 42 people (including me) find this interesting yet there seems to be no such thing out there. Business idea anyone?
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April is National Poetry Month so a lot of poets participate in "30/30", writing a poem a day for the whole month. If your city has a spoken word poetry scene, you'll see a lot of poets reading something from their 30/30 in April. Some poets share their 30/30 poems each day on their blog, social media, etc.

I'm interested to hear about other monthly challenges too.
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Wikiwrimo has a list.
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