Where can I find this Google-able infant toy?
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In mid-2007, I found an item for infants on the Internet. It was essentially, a printed-out piece of glossy cardboard. You cut it out, and put tabs in slots, and it's a glossy cardboard cube. 2" all around.

You fold it up, and it becomes a cube. There were all sorts of red, black and white geometric shapes/patterns on each face of the cube.

I paid for it via PayPal and for a piece of cardboard it was pricey(a tad less than $10 including shipping for one).

I can't find it anymore. Where can I find this?

Looking through PayPal is not an option.
I have searched and searched on Google for any keywords (I remember none).
I don't want to make it myself, as it would take me 50 years to make a printable cube, and then there's the cardboard, and the glossy. That's just not going to happen, and I can put that task right alongside reading moby dick.

It was marketed to parents who look up toys/games to stimulate infants.

I spent quite a bit of money on these kinds of things, but it was this piece of cardboard that made him visibly excited EVERY damn time. I'm looking for a black, white, and red cube with all sorts of geometric shapes in it.

What I don't want is reasons why this is stupid, and why this doesn't work based on your research or opinions. I also don't want print out cubes, as I won't be able to color print on glossy cardboard.

All I remember is paying via PayPal (again, can't look up who I paid to. Not an option, move on), and nothing else.

Any help?
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Oh yes. The great thing about this was that it could be held by the infant because of its low weight and small size...and was surprisingly never crushed.

So thanks in advance, for all the plush/plastic black, white and red toys, but that's not what I'm looking for.
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Do you remember approximately what weight the cardboard was? Lightweight thin cardboard like a gift box? Corrugated?
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There's this one, but it's only black and white patterns. (I googled "Infant cube toy high contrast" if that helps).
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Maybe "favor boxes" or "cube gift box" is the right search term?
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Lightweight cardboard. Not corrugated, it was all white. Like one of those foldable gift boxes for clothes you get at Macy's.
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We had this thing when my son was a baby in 1997/98! It was purchased at Babies-R-Us. So yes, it existed and yes, it was awesome. I wish I could remember the name of the company.
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I found this, which is pretty close, but I don't remember there being a smiley face on the one we had, plus there's no red.
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