Missing Facebook Blue Bar?
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Using Firefox... I woke up this morning to find that the top blue bar on Facebook is missing. I turned off my ad blocker and also started in safemode. I tried to login with Chrome, but forgot password. I also notice my timeline is showing only 2 entries at a time. Anybody else having similar problems? Is this only happening in FF?
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I think they've done something to fuss with it in the last week or so. Every once in a while when I open it, the blue bar will be enormous and taking up a third of the height of the screen. Or sometimes the search bar will extend all the way to the end and the upper right action icons won't be there at all. I'm on Chrome.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. It seems like they've been tweaking something behind the scenes and all the kinks aren't worked out yet. Facebook has a large enough user base I figure they'll get their bug reports sorted without my help, but you can always use the Report a Problem link from the menu to let them know.
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I'm using Facebook in Firefox, and I haven't noticed any issues of late - though, as phunniemee says, Facebook could well be doing some tweaking to their codebase...adding new features or what have you.
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Heh - only problem w/reporting is I lack a "real name" on there :\
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facebook does all kinds of a/b testing with different displays for different users/browsers/time of day/butterfly effects so its never particularly surprising when things are different/broken on some browsers/people/devices/etc.

Probably nothing on your end.
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Could they wait when it's not my birthday so I can get notifications? LOL... Jerks. Thanks for the answers all. Let's hope they do NOT go with this test for mass consumption. It bites.
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