Fun things to do near Zurich
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I have two days to kill time starting either in Lugano or Zurich. Where should I go?

If Italy, some place with amazing food would be great. Otherwise I am open to options. Train travel preferred but I can take a flight that is less than two hours. Also not looking to be somewhere terribly hot (given it'll be in August) or too boring (i.e. no people).
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Lugano is a short train ride from Milano, a grand city where you can find great food, great art (such as "The Last Supper"), great architecture (like the Duomo) and, this year, a World's Fair.

Zurich has some nice things to visit itself, such as the Fraumunster, with its Chagall windows, and the Jung Institute.

If I were in in your shoes, I'd head to Liechtenstein just to say I'd been there, but that's just me. I really don't know what's there.
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Beware that Zurich is very very expensive.
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Response by poster: Beware that Zurich is very very expensive.

I'm aware, which is why I'm looking for a spot to get away after I finish some work there.
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Sent you a me mail.
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When I was in Zurich a couple of years ago, my wife and I went on a hike and LOVED it. It's a beautiful country. Uetliberg is the typical Zurich tourist hike, easy to get to and a reasonable difficulty. We did Seebodenalp instead -- harder to get to, way way more strenuous, but spectacular and we got to take a cable car back down the mountain.

Switzerland has a pretty good hiking search website that you can poke through, and the signage on the trails (if Seebodenalp is any indication) is decent, too.
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Lucerne is only 45 minutes by train from Zurich and is incredibly beautiful and walkable.
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