Rain gear for those who run hot?
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Recommendation needed for jacket.

Trading my car for the bus has meant more rain exposure, I recently bought a Columbia rain jacket/shell (~$100) and find it basically unusable due to heat retention.

I am a big guy who runs hot most of the time already, is a jacket that is going to keep me dry but cool enough just not a possibility?
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I have really, really nice things to say about this Brooks jacket, which does indeed keep me dry but cool when I run in rain. I got it at a Rock n Roll Marathon bib pickup, where Brooks generally has lots of recent products for sale. Here's the men's counterpart.
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I'd advise looking for a light rain jacket with pit zips. That can make a big difference in shedding excess heat. It also helps to have adjustable cuffs. I like the Marmot Precip. That said, any rain jacket involves a compromise between keeping rain out and not trapping perspiration inside. A lot depends on what you're wearing under it, too.
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I run hot too. I bought this North Face Venture rain jacket last year and really like it. It's lightweight, keeps me dry and it has pit zips for ventilation. Bonus: it's on sale right now, too.
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eVent or NeoShell are more breathable than Gore-Tex, except maybe the highest-end Gore fabrics (more here). Pit zips are a good idea as brianogilvie mentioned.

There's always going to be a trade-off between breathability and resistance to soaking through. For ultralight, the OR Helium II is well regarded.
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You might want to consider using a " normal " with good water repellency.
Unless you are looking at monsoon like rain for a prolonged period , that might be an alternative.

There are newer fabrics , generally called "air permeable" that are considered to be breathable and r waterproof. Some trade names are Polartec Neo Shell, Mountain Hardwear's DryQ Elite, eVent , Marmot's Nano Pro.
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I have the mens version of Brooks jacket that bearwife mentions.

It runs slim. I'm 5'10" 150lbs. and wear a medium and it's snug. There's no way to layer anything other than a technical shirt/base layer under it.

I love running in it, but only in cool/cold rainy weather, which Portland has in spades. If you're sweating at all, you need to be wearing long sleeves under it to keep the breathable layer breathing and not sticking to wet skin. It does pack down nice and small though.

I don't know if we can make a good recommendation without knowing what region you're in. If you're in the South and dealing with afternoon thunderstorms, I'd go with a nice umbrella. If you're in the PNW, I'm not sure what I'd recommend other than different breathable synthetics from Columbia, Marmot, Patagonia, etc.
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I've had both the Marmot Precip and North Face Venture. The Venture runs much slimmer and the fabric is significantly heavier. The Venture's arms are longer and it has a better hood. Both have pit zips and do a great job of keeping water out. However, given that the Precip was cooler and ran bigger, I'd definitely recommend the Precip over the Venture for you.

You can usually pick up the Precip pretty cheap on Sierra Trading Post. Look for a coupon.

My experience is that running-specific rain jackets tend to be even lighter weight, so consider those as well.
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I love the Patagonia Houdini (sorry, on my phone so no link). It's amazingly lightweight and compresses entirely into one of its own pockets and weighs basically nothing.
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I run hot too. Pit zips and breatheable fabric help a lot.

That said, if you're wearing a jacket when it's 80 degrees, you're still wearing a jacket when it's 80 degrees— you're gonna be hotter. That's the kind of weather where you probably want an umbrella.
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I've been here too. Thoughts.

- Never get a softshell / all in one jacket. Sweatboxes that eventually, and all too soon, lose waterproofness due to needing to be washed because of the sauna factor. No, they don't breathe enough. Ever.

- Pit zips are your best (and potentially only) friend. They're helpful and about the best solution I've found yet.

- Breathable fabric is good but is only as good as physics (or our current mastery thereof) allows while still shedding waterproof, as all good rainshells should.

Godspeed, the sauna will always win, remember that.
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