Last minute trip to Spain
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I just got an invitation to spend a week in Toledo. We leave in one week. What must we do/see/eat/buy/absorb?

Going to the Toledo area for a week and I know little about the area beyond the El Greco painting. I've spent time in Spain before and speak rudimentary Spanish. Since the trip is a surprise, we haven't planned anything and I'd love to know about any spots that we should be sure not to miss from those that have been/live(d) there.

I expect we'll hit the tourist spots, but any restaurants, parks, activities, events etc. that MeFites recommend would be so very much appreciated. We live in a big city and are pretty active people so any stuff that involves complicated directions or is outdoorsy is probably fine too.
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Toledo has a lot of lovely Damascene ware. One of the highlights of my trip there (in 2006) was a visit to a Damascene workshop. Sadly I don't remember the name of it...but it was a lot of fun and I highly suggest trying to find one on your own.

Also when I was there we did the Paseo de Merchán o de la Vega - a beautiful walk. More on that here.

You're lucky! Toledo was one of my favorite cities in Spain.
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Other people will have more, but the best thing I ate in Toledo was the venison. Well, besides the omnipresent marzipan. You can get around the whole city in a day if you're moving. Try to see the Jewish quarter and go into any mosques and synagogues you can- that's where the mix of cultures really pops out.
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If you get tired from Toledo, you can take a high speed train to Madrid, or rent a car and do the windmills route, take a day-trip to Cuenca or walk around Cabañeros National Park.
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Yeah, what sukeban said. I think you will want to get out of Toledo. It's a beautiful city, but kind of small for spending a week in. You say you've been to Spain before, have you been to Madrid? It's less than 30 minutes on the fast train from Toldeo to Atocha, and there's more than enough to occupy you there (there are some great Ask threads on Madrid in the archives).

Aranjuez is close, if you have access to a car, and beautiful. Huge palace and beautiful gardens.

If you want more ideas for daytrips, especially into the rural area west of Toledo, I'd be happy to give you some. But you definitely need a car.
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