Plumber and electrician needed
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Looking for recommendations for a good, reasonably priced plumber and electrician in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

I'm buying an older home that needs updating (replace galvanized piping, add more outlets, wire the detached garage) but no major repairs at this time. Bonus points if they are available in early August. Thanks!
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Angie's List is better for this sort of thing.
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Response by poster: I've done some looking online but figured there were enough Twin Cities folks here that someone might have a personal recommendation... because internet strangers here are clearly more trustworthy than internet strangers at large.
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St. Paul Pipeworks has always taken great care of us, first in our 110-year-old home and now in our 77-year-old one.
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Hey! I'm a stranger on both sites!

We've had tons of great work by Randy Lane Plumbing. They were recommended by a friend and have done all kinds of things in our 1938 house. Mostly drain issues.

We also had a super experience with Brother's Electric. They ran power out to our garage and ran a few extra outlets for us too.

Both of these companies were really good about communicating with us. Both did excellent work and excellent clean up.
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+1 on St. Paul Pipeworks. Charlie and Phil do a great job.
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