Great housecleaning services in Harlem needed on short notice!
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Help! Two of my dearest friends have movers coming in the morning, but they're both incredibly sick with the flu. Can anyone recommend a great housecleaning service that will help them out on short notice? They're in Harlem below 125th St., and the recommendations we've found so far don't cover their neighborhood. (Any other moving-while-terribly-ill advice appreciated, too—I'm half a country away or I'd be there doing it myself!)
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Have you considered Handy. I have heard good things.
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Try "New York's Little Elves" (212) 674-2629
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I had a good experience with MyClean, which serves all of Manhattan. I don't know what you mean by short notice, but you can book online or by calling. Online appointments start tomorrow, but if you need them today, couldn't hurt to call and check.
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The Ecomundo cleaning co-op (917) 830-8060 did great work for us when we lived in that neighborhood. I'm not sure who they'll have available on short notice but it's a true co-op, not a service that hires people, so it's likely that some of their workers will be willing to do short-notice work especially for a bit higher rate than usual.
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