Can you help me find resources for journalists?
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I am looking for journalistic organizations that, (1) provide statistical number crunching and (2) legal interpretation to help to reporters working on complex stories. Whenever I've had an ethical question, I sought the help of Poynter, but on this current project, I need more specific help. Are there non profit journalistic entities whose mission is to help freelance reporters and/or their organizations with their legal and quantitative research?
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The Digital Media Law Project operates the Online Media Legal Network, and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press offers a Legal Defense Hotline to journalists 24/7, with non-emergency questions about services and publications answered during normal office hours.

via the MeFi Wiki Get a lawyer page.
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Not sure that this would be at all helpful, but I vaguely recall that ProPublica had some resources for data journalism for purposes of investigative reporting. May be worth reaching out to them to see what they have available.
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Someone here recently recommended Help a Reporter to me. Haven't tried it yet, but worth looking into.
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Thank you, all. I will try these.
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