What's your favorite MOOC?
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I've got an unexpected five days off work to be spent on bed rest. Any suggestions for a MOOC or lecture series to fill my time?

My interests are far ranging, but I'm trying to steer clear of the type of technical computer science/IT courses that seem to be the standbys.

I'm not interested in homework, discussion groups, or learning something particularly useful. More that I'd prefer to fill my time using my brain at least little bit rather than just watching old episodes of "Pregnant in Heels" and "Millionaire Matchmaker."
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Harvard has a really cool ongoing series about innovation in cuisine.
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I like Michael Sandel's Justice course.
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Art History, from this list? (haven't done it yet)
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What about CrashCourse History? Light-hearted enough to be entertaining without being a documentary about the Killing Fields.
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Are you ok with a podcast? 20 Pieces of Music that Changed the World was amazing and fun.
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Both mind-blowing:

Coursera - History of the Slave South by Stephanie McCurry

EdX- Global History of Architecture by Mark Jarzombek
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David Blight of Yale has a very impressive 28-hour series on the Civil War available at iTunes U.
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I just started this on Coursera about Economic Policy

It's helping me tie together many loose ends in my understanding of the topic.
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