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Is there any place for me (and possibly up to 12 other people) to change and shower in Shanghai Pudong airport prior to a long flight?
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Change, yes....any restroom would do, so long as you're comfortable changing in a restroom stall.

Shower, no...not in any Chinese airport that I can imagine. Just think of the lines of people wanting to take advantage of the free water...
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There is an airport hotel in Shanghai.

You'd have to get a room obviously but it could be a way for 13 people to get a shower. If you had time to check in and take turns.
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There's a basic airport hotel called Ease Dazhong Merryling Airport Hotel, between the two terminals. You could rent the room for the day and split the cost between all 13 of you to have a place to shower and rest.
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The hotel is 70-80usd per night so if a shower is worth 6 bucks to each person you're all set.
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That hotel is pretty nice for the price. My room had a round bed.
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For that many people, a hotel room is the best bet. The hotel does have a spa with shower access, but you would have to pay per-person so it wouldn't be a good value.
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