Mary needs a room (no Wise Men or Guys, pls)
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I am a poor planner and need a hotel room tonight in New Jersey, but I'll be driving most of the day. Metafilter, will you please find me a hotel room?

I'd like to be within roughly hour of Spring Lake (my final New Jersey destination), preferably to the north or west as I am coming down from Boston. I would like to spend $100 or less. I would like to not have bed bugs. I need parking.

I actually have some free time tomorrow, so if there's something neat to see (or eat) nearby, I'd welcome recommendations. (And if you want to get lunch, let me know!)

Thank you thank you thank you. I know I am basically asking y'all to Google It For Me and I really appreciate the help. I am the worst at planning.
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HotelTonight can find you a discounted room for the day you are looking. There is an app that will use your location to let you know what's nearby. We had pretty decent luck with it on a road trip recently.
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I bet you can use one of those concierge services that come with a lot of Credit Cards. Might be the perfect opportunity.
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Is Eatonton ok? Crystal Inn
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There's a Comfort Inn listed as $90/night plus tax near there off the Parkway (maybe exit 13 or 15?). Also a Red Roof Inn (link, in Neptune, NJ off 33 between the Pkway and your destination) for $89/night plus tax.

Those are two decent chains, it looks like there are a few other less chain-y places nearby for even cheaper, depending on your tolerance. I've also had good luck just looking for something cheap off the highway over by 95 down that way, as there are lots of hotels along there. Hope the shore is nice!
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the Parkway (maybe exit 13 or 15?)

I think you're mixing up the Parkway and the Turnpike - there are no Parkway exits that low this far north. This hotel is off Exit 105 of the Parkway. I think it would be a great place to stay - not exciting in and of itself, but you'd be minutes from the shore (take Route 18) and you could go to the beach or boardwalk all day, then drive down the waterfront all the way to Spring Lake in the afternoon, which would not take long and would be fun and scenic.

You'd be just a few miles from Delicious Orchards - a fun place to stock up on some great baked goods or cheese or fresh fruit and produce anything you might want for picnics.
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I ended up at the Tinton Comfort Inn and will check out Delicious Orchards tomorrow (worth a friend seconding the recommendation). Maybe also a mall. Thank you!
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Delicious Orchards was good advice too. This is the best cider donut I have had outside of Vermont.
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