UFOs, recreational suicide, and Texas kitsch, in song.
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I had this album in the early 90s that featured a woman singing songs about committing recreational suicide, being abducted by UFOs, and Elvis, and I remember really adoring it. But now age and senility have caught up with me, and I have no idea who this woman was. Help?

It was kind of folky, kind of country, kind of swingy, but beyond that I don't remember much; just that it was very quirky and charming. I first heard one of the songs on KCMU (before it became KEXP) in Seattle, and went right out and bought the CD. My Google-fu is failing me, and I cannot for the life of me remember any more details about this, but I'd really like to hear it again.

Feel free to just throw names out - seriously, anything you think might be it will at the very least be fun to research. And thanks.
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This might be totally wrong, but my first thought was Wall of Voodoo "Mexican Radio"
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Could it be a female cover of "Elvis is Everywhere" by Mojo Nixon?
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Also, why do you mention Texas kitsch in the title? Did the song mention Texas, or was the singer from Texas?

You could try dropping a note to the magazine Texas Monthly, which enjoys publishing tidbits on obscure Texana. If there's a song about Texas, SOMEONE at Texas Monthly knows someone who knows someone who knows it.
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Kathy McCarty?
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Although I can't remember these particular songs, what about Christine Lavin?
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Early '90s, folk/country/swing, quirky and charming brings to mind Meryn Cadell, but I am not familiar enough with the catalog (I only owned Angel Food for Thought) to know if those specific subjects are song material. Or Jill Sobule, maybe?
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If you don't remember a song about a guy killing cattle with a bolt gun it's probably not Poor Little Critter in the Road by The Knitters, Exene Cervenka of X's side project, but you will probably like The Knitters.
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Pretty sure this is wrong... but maybe Ray Stevens? There's an Elvis/UFO song, some Texas stuff... and I have no idea about the recreational suicide, but I wouldn't put anything past him.
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Response by poster: All these suggestions are really great - thank you all - but unfortunately they aren't the person/album I was looking for :(

nicebookrack, I put 'Texas Kitsch' in the title because the album was kind of kitsch-y, and (as I recall) the songs were set in Texas. I'll write that magazine - thank for the tip!

MsMolly; whoa....the Knitters. Cool stuff!
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Have you tried this list of songs referencing Elvis?
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Response by poster: Oh, MAN - I can't believe I didn't think of that! Great idea, PeriDoe, but unfortunately fruitless in this case. It looks like a lot of big names on that list, and I think the album/singer I'm looking for was pretty under the radar; probably not enough of a heavy-hitter for such illustrious company.

Hey, if I ever track this album down though, I'll get to add something to Wikipedia!
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Oh darn, that's frustrating when Google gives no results. Good luck! :)
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