Trying to find these vintage-style toggle switches
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Can anyone identify a manufacturer who makes these toggle switches? I'd like to get ahold of some, and want to know if they're still being manufactured, or, alternatively if there's a good source for them. This photo is of a Technics RS-263AUS cassette tape deck. Thanks for any help!
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Some similar ones seem to be available here (go to page 3)
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there's also
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I've seen things like this as "caps" which can be placed over a standard toggle switch, secured with a little set screw or even glue. This looks like an example (though in black).

If the retail price is prohibitive, it might be worth doing a little disassembly to see how the originals were made. It might be possible to pull the caps from scrapped audio equipment even if the switches themselves aren't salvageable.
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Here's another example.
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You might consider putting in a low best offer on one of the several Technics RS-263AUS's for sale on eBay - - surely it's a buyer's market for cassette decks nowadays.
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There's piles of gear with switches like this at thrift shops. You are not going to beat paying $4.99 for one there even if you have to drive to 5 stores Vs ordering one online that may or may not match.

Tons of brands of gear used these switches, especially older realistic/radio shack stuff. And that stuff is piled up at thrift stores at least in my area.
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oh wow, it lights up
is it too late to learn how to do wiring and make all the switches in the house so cool and 70s future? please say no
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There are similar (tapered handle, different grades of chrome), currently manufactured switches (Google Cole Hersee M5411102, Carling 0206 or 77663 or 1023R), and panel mount. I would bet the switches in your deck are mounted directly to a circuit board underneath, not the panel. The shroud (under the panel, around the handle) likely floats under the panel in rails.

Similar looking switches that are thru-hole panel mounted: yes, new manufacture.
Exact replacement: salvage, eBay.
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