give me your colorful, cute, glam office supplies yearning to be free
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I'm trying to find colorful and/or cute and/or glamorously lady-style desk accessories and office supplies. Where should I go looking? Are there blogs that I should look at?

I have some company largesse to spend on making my office a nicer place for me to spend the 240 hours or so that I spend in my battery pen each month. Please assume they have me kitted out with furniture and wall art and plants and electronics and lighting, and I'm not looking for leather blotters or old school officey stuff. Please assume that I've seen everything on Poppin, Urban Girl, See Jane Work, Modcloth, and Nordstrom. I really like the style of stuff at kate spade or anthropologie, except that. Y'know. None of the stuff currently in those stores is super-useful for actual corporate sitting-at-a-desk life.

Examples that fit the bill:

A fancy-ass girly paperweight
Multi-colored binder clips
Rainbow colored paper clips
So, so many pretty thumb tacks
Cat-shaped sticky notes, which are clearly the most professional of all sticky notes.
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Have you explored the wide world of Japanese office supplies?
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I like the Container Store. They have a lot of traditional colored desk accessories, but also lots of colorful stuff too. There's usually not a lot of "cute" or "whimsical", but a few things pop up on occasion.
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I love Mochithings!
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No matter what it is you want, if you want a ridiculously constructed amount of form over function, Etsy has your back. I'm pretty much convinced that you can just picture something in your mind, and if you're willing to be patient with the search terms, you will find a reasonable facsimile on Etsy. Anything.
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Target had this really cute tape dispenser several months ago. Picture. Also, their dollar spot recently had some fun large paper clips! Michaels craft stores has a great selection of dollar items that I've found some cute things digging around.
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The MOMA store often has great office supplies, like this rainbow-colored notebook. I also like Greener Grass Design (example: scissors, stapler), Muji (perhaps too understated for you), Target's office supplies, and a Danish shop called Hay.
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Millefiori Paperweight, there are tons of others out there, look around.
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+1 for Mochithings. Also, Office Candy
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Have you looked at any of the Cynthia Rowley stuff at Staples? At the two I've been to recently, they have it in the back of the store, next to the furniture.
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Etsy seller Modern Girl Blitz posts photos of her super cute work space a lot. Here's the whole decor tag on her blog.
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Put Googly eyes on everything that will then look like it has a face (e.g., staple removers).
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World Market often has cute office-supply things, but I think you'd need to look at the store rather than online for the best selection.
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Actually I was in Hobby Lobby recently (not sure if they have one by you) and a Home Goods store and both of them had some really, really cute and girly office supplies!
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Check out JetPens, especially their little office supplies section.
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+1 to JetPens. Also has lots of pretty stuff.
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Buzzfeed listical/pixical, 33 Desk Accessories That Will Make Your Day Better has some cute, fun things.

I specifically remembered this because someone had ganked all the images and put them together without any info, credit, or text in a big jpg that I stumbled upon, and I wanted to find out about the bear-in-the-grass keyboard cleaner/duster, so I copied the jpg, cut out only the bear image, saved it, then searched it with which led to the buzzfeed list. Whew!
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UGUiSU online store - "A place to find unique and well designed quality Japanese stationery, paper items, kitchen linens, tableware, gift, craft & zakka. Shipped worldwide from Tokyo."
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Vera Bradley has pretty binder clips, file folders, note cubes, and pens. Target has similar products that are much less expensive.
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A few suggestions:

Bunny stapler, available on Amazon

The Morris Memo Holder, available here and here

The note cubes from Swanky Press

Amy Hardacre's funny bobble head paper clip holders

The file folders from Karen Foster Design, on Amazon

Some lovely bird file folders
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